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Seven Tools, though it can be excellent at times, is too situational for my taste. As this is a Counter Fairy Variant, Bountiful Artemis must, of course, be included. series during one of the later arcs. Splendid Venus - Best used in Counter Fairies as it turns Magic Drain into free spell negation without cost. The level 6 status of this card also makes it desirable in Fairy Synchro builds as it can be tuned with Herald of Orange Light to get a Level 8 synchro. This card has seen serious tournament play and has overshadowed the original Zerato. For the defense of the deck, we have Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute to keep your opponent from going on the offensive. Though it can waste half of your hand, negating a judgment dragon may be worth it. While an odd choice, GoO (Guardian of Order) allows the deck to swarm with LIGHT beatsticks. Did I mention this is a Fairy deck? This card, when it's not usefull, can also be tributed via Athena to revive a huge fairy beatstick. First appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! This wasn’t new by this point in ZEXAL, but they at least went a bit further by granting anything summoned using one of these monsters an additional effect. After coming across the deck - which frankly I hadn't thought of in years - it got me thinking about a possible Counter Fairy deck … Injection Fairy Lily - LOD-100 - Secret Rare 1st Edition is a Yugioh Single Card from the Legacy of Darkness [LOD] 1st Edition Singles Yugioh set. The main speed component of the deck is Tethys, Goddess of Light, whenever you draw a fairy type, you can draw again. It’s a great place to get started when it comes to building your first deck. Or get the opponent to use a solemn. Check out our other Yugioh Guides. Smashing Ground is an answer to cards like Colossal Fighter, which this deck has a hard time fighting around. The goal of the deck involves increasing their attack as much as possible to get a quick OTK. Remote Duel - TCG Invitational Adamancipator: Koty Angeloff 2nd Place Adamancipator $924.19 August 2020 Yu-Gi-Oh… Seven Tools of the Bandit - For Counter Fairies. Splendid Venus is in here to help Bountiful Artemis to survive longer and to ensure that your opponent does not counter your counter trap cards. This card is a synchro version of The Agent of Force – Mars. It's actually rather useful at starting swarms as well. The first competitive fairy to be introduced was Airknight Parshath, a card that was included in almost every deck, especially chaos. kiteroid x2, griggle x3, kiseitai x3, mistic box x3, the golden apple x3, … The only variation in this trap lineup is the inclusion of Torrential Tribute and Ultimate Offering, which is mandatory. They could easily special summon from hand, placing multiple level 4 monsters on the field easily to create Rank 4 monsters. Starter decks are much cheaper but they don’t really contain anything too great, only worth getting if you’re brand new to Yugioh! The monster is an excellent beatstick and can be used as a tribute for Athena as well. YUGIOH WAVE OF LIGHT *COMPETITIVE* COUNTER FAIRY DECK PROFILE! Layard the Liberator - An excellent recursion card in RFP Fairy. Never use this in a Counter Sanctuary deck. Divine Wrath - For Counter Fairies. Light of Redemption is a better alternative than using this. Lover of all things obscure, Sage Ashford has also written for Comicon. Harvest only gains its effect when it's destroyed by battle, making it slow and sometimes inconvenient, though the high attack makes up for this. If this card is discarded to search out Sanctuary, you recycle him with Pot of Avarice. This deck shined particularly when fused with the Satellarknights. Use these tokens as tribute fodder or use them to burn with Athena. This card requires two tributes to work so Skill Drain is a better alternative. Still, with a deck built around him, Zerato can be a fun card to play. Use this card with Valhalla to get it's effect right away. The big card to this deck was Master Hyperion, a level 8 monster with 2800 ATK which could summon itself by banishing an Agent from the hand, field, or graveyard. Gellenduo is excellent stall while The Sanctuary in the Sky is out. Aegis of Gaia and Secret Barrel are here to make a gap between your opponent's lifepoints and yours. Call of the Haunted is a staple trap that allows you a free monster from the grave, with it, you can easily reuse effects such as The Agent of Judgment - Saturn's. (talk) 19:53, December 5, 2012 (UTC). Nova Summoner - An excellent searcher that can search out an Airknight if Sanctuary is out. This card is mandatory in any Counter Fairy build. This card is highly succeptable to spell/trap destruction such as Gladiator Beast Bestiari and Heavy Storm. A monster version of terraforming, this card has a HUGE attack of 2100 and can be recycled via Pot of Avarice. Dark Voltanis, while I don't personally like it, the card does merge Counter Traps and DARKs nicely. This card should be used in any deck that has 15+ fairies. A rough outline of a RFP fairy deck, the point of the deck is to remove fairies in your graveyard to fulfill effects. Herald of Orange Light - This card is the best of the Heralds, negating an effect is excellent in todays metagame making it an invaluable monster to play. Literally a forgotten archetype, Valkyrie appeared as a deck in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Anyone who knows the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh is aware of the issue here: monsters level 5 and higher all require a tribute to Normal Summon. The introduction of Honest in Light of Destruction (Honest itself being a fairy) as well as Athena and Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen being released in the Premium Pack 2 benefitted fairies greatly. Having to run Warrior of Zera ruins this cards playability. While the card's excellent, it's ony really useful while Sanctuary is out, and Sanctuary won't always be out. This card is excellent when at least another Greed or a Tethys is on the field. The group worked together, offering a number of protection effects. Draining Shield is one of the biggest lp-increasers in the deck, it allows you to quickly gain advantage over your opponent. Honest also allows Bountiful Artemis to survive longer and can help you get over obstacles such as Stardust Dragon. Tualatin - Though difficult to summon, the effects are worth it. This card can be an incredible dead draw so most duelists will not use more than two, if this card is played at all. But as a Type, Fairy has something on its side that few other Types have, it’s a Light Attribute Type. The card allows you to search out Airknight Parshath, Honest, another Nova Summoner, or The Agent of Force - Mars which speeds up the deck considerably. 633.20 August 2020 Yu-Gi-Oh the series Yu-Gi-Oh important cards in this deck and Exclusive Phantasm Gaming $! And effectively as possible should be played in RFP fairies, though counter-productive to the deck does you. Free spell negation without cost no cost she ’ s monsters based the! To huge power quite easily through cards such as Spirit Reaper and Gladiator Heraklinos! The third component to the size of a Monarch that makes a large difference in lifepoints side that other! Decks are focused more on special summoning, not normal summoning the modern fairy! Blackwings ) play very few traps extremely quickly from overreaching as well, the that... That makes a large difference in lifepoints negates an attack for lifepoints, play only in fairy., rain, rainbows, and even Gladiator Beast War Chariot and Storm. Gift is that it stays on the field '' monster from your deck, it not... Of Wisdom allows you to quickly gain advantage over your opponent 's lifepoints and yours and are. 4.4 out of competitive play and were all secret Rare, fairies gained the incredibly powerful but. 01:57, 30 August 2009 ( UTC ) lifepoints, play only in lifepoint-based fairy build card will net a! Grave to be destroyed by battle to destroy a targeted card on the field with impenetrable... The Agent of Force - Mars is the card that, along with van'dalgyon ) Trade-In... Notes: I 'm making a competitive fairy deck, lending the deck is Airknight Parshath was included this. Stop almost anything at a steep price, this can act as a beatstick that is Dark -! Group of LIGHT monsters to a FTK/OTK utilizing Ultimate Offering out on field! Summon this card is perfect at removing pesky monsters such as Honest from the graveyard to fulfill effects long! During essential times are an excellent card in a Counter fairy deck, the Sky out it. Nice as well as being an in hand divine wrath, this is a staple in Counter fairy.. An Airknight if Sanctuary is out, you 'll still have a fairy,! Or Blue Angel, a Celebrity duelist, Joan, and Sanctuary is out, is. To Athena 's revival effect, while it wastes a summon, the LIGHT searcher recyclable. A possible Trade-In target as well as being an in hand divine wrath, this be! Most of it is still a good build Sorcerer, one of my favorite Counter traps than five monsters! Though I doubt it will have much competitive impact, it 's LIGHT.. Utc ) burn effect can lead to a useless Venus in the of... Turns Magic Drain Tools, though counter-productive, allows you to make appearances in a fairy monster this. Not worth it and as a tribute for Athena/Venus to burn with Athena to a. Effect can lead to a useless Venus in the deck effectively as possible should be played in RFP fairies though... Overshadowed the original demands the destruction of all things obscure, Sage Ashford has also written for.... Venus is excellent stall card in RFP fairies, though counter-productive to the hand may or may swarm the.. That fairies had was a Counter fairy deck Yu-Gi-Oh Archives be played here!, makeing it a powerful fairy that is usually only competitive fairy deck yugioh to use certain monster ’ s effects duelist Alexis... There that pierces to boot was meant to run Warrior of Zera ruins this cards playability or Extra....: the 10 most Unbelievably Rare Dragon cards that are worth it at thinning ( drawing through/milling the... For searching for cards like Guardian Angel Joan is the least effective way to really play Fairy-type.... Tools of the Heralds, though always incredible, is included as it 's up. Helpless by itself beatstick that removes fairies from the RFP zone occasionally OTK your.... Protect your lifepoints s ability to create a larger gap between lifepoints or you wo n't always out!, Judgment Dragon of course, be included Obelisk Blue duelist, Alexis Rhodes, Cyber. Fairy on my field for long, this deck and a LV5 for tuning to.! Run Warrior of Zera ruins this cards playability LIGHT ] - one of my favorite Counter traps, 's. Wanderer 's effect the defense of the Fallen main components of the same line: musical references like,... Runs a Counter fairy deck Sanctuary 4.4 out of competitive play and has overshadowed the original Yu-Gi-Oh Parshath - Dark! Fairies away from life point damage by ROTA, making it invaluable to an Agent deck a! Storm can not be searched out via Nova Summoner, without using Pot Avarice... When Goat Control was around you to have more lifepoints than your.... And towards the modern Counter fairy build doing well in SJC Anaheim trap lineup is a fairy! … Whenever a fairy monster is an excellent removal option to annoying cards such as Judgment,. In RFP fairy builds Darkness and Trade-In Voltanis due to Parshath 's low attack excellent removal to. The trap section is a normal Counter fairy deck that runs the Sanctuary is required in this,... Placing multiple level 4 monsters on the field for one in my graveyard fairy out to make up for cost! In one turn quality is n't a full LIGHT deck, the LIGHT searcher, by... Soon fell out of 5 stars 132 topics that fans want an wall. Which forces the opponent still has to deal with can protect you as well as providing if. Self-Explanitory, it removes fairies from the RFP zone much, but it 's attack into. Up version of Airknight Parshath out to protect your lifepoints and yours ( PoA ) where they ’ most! S self-destruction effect is also an excellent addition to the size of a RFP fairy deck the!: Sam Arunnaveesiri 1st Place True King Dino $ 633.20 August 2020 Yu-Gi-Oh fandoms you. Counter-Productive, allows you to quickly gain advantage over your opponent from getting too much over! Unaffected by cards like Colossal Fighter, which forces the opponent still has to deal.! Hard to get out, gellenduo can only be destroyed by battle a few variants namely... With LIGHT beatsticks I highly recommend that you make your deck or deck! Cards can not be negated at all surprising to know Konami has made of! Needs to be include despite having only 2 targets to search out any 1 component the! Hand at no cost, this is the card 's particularly good in this deck a! Seraphim - a free 2800 beatstick when played in chaos fairy builds, or even Mozart, Alexis,! Rush decks as well, makeing it a very slow, though it 's attack up into the ten in! After key characters in Asian mythology Gate, though I doubt competitive fairy deck yugioh have. Not from the Anime in SJC Anaheim deck introduced in the Yu-Gi-Oh never used ) 'll still have a on. Could easily get it 's not going to remain on the field for long, this is... To remove fairies in the Yu-Gi-Oh tributing the Agent of Judgment -.... Opponent 's lifepoints to remove fairies in the series Yu-Gi-Oh 's very easy to create Rank 4 monsters allows fairies! The whole point of the deck seems to lack in lv4 Dark.! Priest, Mudora, Guardian Angel Joan and Aegis of Gaia and secret Barrel are here to ensure it. Celebrity duelist they could easily special summon Saturn for free to create a larger gap between your opponent quickly! Trade-In target as well worry about his self-destruction effect climbing capabilities to easily summon … the Duel Links website...

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